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How To Choose An Electrician?

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Electrician vs. Plumber

Of all the myriad of questions in the home services industry that gets asked over and over by homeowners as well as commercial property owners is:

Who should I call; an electrician or a plumber?

There are numerous things that can transpire in the home or company workplace that will cause one to ask this questions. For example, you may have a hot water heater that is not functioning properly or producing hot water but as a layman, it is hard to determine if the problem can best be fixed by an electrician or by a plumber. There are many other examples like this that can be perplexing to any intelligent individual. One of the first things you can do is visit the website of a local plumber or electrician Fort Lauderdale to see what type of services he provides. Many provide overlapping services and you can “kill two birds with one stone” by just having one come out.

(Note: We highly recommend that when in doubt, call an electrician to come out to assess the situation and eliminate any potential hazards that may exist or may potentially exist as a result of recent events. Remember, when in doubt, call an electrician to come out and prevent a life threatening situation.)

Some other great examples are pool equipment, home appliances like washers and dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators that develop leaks, drips, erratic starting and stopping, etc. as well as that testy pool pump that shuts down for no reason. These are all indications that you may have a plumbing issue but at the same time, a potential electrical issue.

So who do you call first?

When in doubt, we recommend that you try to discern the problem and come up with some potential issues that are causing the problem. For example, if you have a bad pool pump that shuts off, was it after a storm or power surge in the immediate area? If so, you may need both an electrician to inspect any potential harm done to the fuse box or electrical set-up and you may also need a pool expert to replace the pump.

This same type of example can be used inside the home when appliances start acting up. Washers and Dryers, as well as other home appliances are sensitive to the entire electrical “grid” at the home or business so oftentimes you might have a plumber or home appliances repair technician come out only to find out that the expertise of an electrician is what is needed. We could go on and on, but as referenced above, it is always best to be safe than sorry when you and your family could be in danger.

So whether it’s the pool pump or a faulty water heating unit, and you aren’t sure what’s going on, it is always best to consult with an expert or call both a plumber and an electrician to get their input. You can always tell if they are genuinely trying to help you, or just collect a service fee.

So in conclusion, assess the situation and its causes, make a coupe phone calls and have someone come out but if you’re in doubt, call an electrician first for the safety of yourself and your loved ones!…

When to Call an Electrician

When items break at home, you often need to call a trade service. However, some situations remain simple enough that you can handle the repair alone.

The question, then, is when should you call in a licensed electrician? Read on to know whether you’re making safer choices for your maintenance needs.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers defend buildings against power surges so that a sudden burst of electricity doesn’t fry your home. However, when they continually pop, something is likely wrong.

If it feels as though your breakers are always shutting themselves off, it means there is an issue either with your wiring system, or the electrical panel. Only an electrician should inspect the problem as its incredibly dangerous.

Unresponsive GFCI

GFCI ensures moisture doesn’t cause electrical issues. Once these outlets trip, they typically can get reset by merely pressing the button on the outlet.

If you have reset every GFCI outlet and nothing seems to work, then there is a deeper issue that is occurring. At this point, you’ll want a certified electrical expert getting to the bottom of your problems.

Power Strips

Many people use a power strip so that they can charge their phone, use a floor fan, and charge their laptop all without leaving their bed. However, when you have power strips working at full capacity in every room, you’re pushing your electrical system beyond what it should handle.

Overloaded circuits wear your appliances and electronics out faster as well. Rather than living in an unsafe home, speak with an electrician about possible upgrades.

Flickering Lights

Your home probably doesn’t have ghosts in it. However, flickering lights can pose a fire hazard.

Bulbs continually flickering are an indication of faulty wiring. The longer it gets ignored, the more dangerous it becomes.






Why An Electrician Is So Essential

Of all the things we do in and around our homes and businesses, there are none more vital than hiring a competent electrical contracting company.

There are so many valid concerns and projects that grab our attention each and every day. For example, that paving project, the driveway, the curtains need replaced, the plumbing in the basement needs some work and the babies room needs painted. But we’d rather get that entertainment room set up or focus on our man cave or get our motorcycle arranged in the garage.

Even building the kids tree house in the backyard is more appealing that having a qualified electrician come out and make sure your home or business is safe. It is not a sexy ticket item like your man space, attic or garage and it can certainly be more expensive than any of the above items if some serious issues exist.

But from the standpoint of the safety of your family and loved ones, there is no better project you can tackle than making certain that your home is safe from potential hazards that can be hidden behind the walls or silently waiting for the wrong time (there is never a right time) to create havoc and threaten the physical safety of your spouse and children or others you love.


Now as mentioned earlier, we know this is not an attractive bill to have to pay but when it comes to your family, this is the MOST important, preventative thing you can do in your home to insure that you and your loved ones are safe from harm.

Many of these issues are hidden, some behind walls, while others are in wide open spaces like that adapter you overload or that Christmas Tree extension you’ve been using since Carter was President.

There are more risks and hazards than the layman can even imagine. Some are lurking just nearby and others are a ticking time bomb just waiting for a fuse to ignite and the right set of circumstances.

Please have you home inspected by a qualified electrician and protect your loved ones. You will sleep better at night knowing all is safe under your roof.

Oh yea, that roof project……

How To Choose An Electrician

When we have to do any work at home, we always want to make sure we hire qualified professionals. Quality is important to still consider at an acceptable price.

We all know that cheap services eventually become more money if you had not chosen the first economic service you found.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Electrician?

Licensed and Insurance- It is clear that they have to prove that they are professionals. The license guarantees that you have completed the necessary courses and work to carry out the work correctly commissioned. Make sure the license is current, to choose an electrician this step is essential. Besides having the necessary insurance, you can always have some small accident. Therefore for the safety of both better to ask everything before starting work.

Value For Money- agrees the budget before carrying out the work, in this way avoid future problems for not having decided in advance the price of the work. To choose an electrician, you have to make sure you have to work the exact accessories and materials to perform the job in conditions. You can compare prices among the available electricians if you want to choose an electrician with a good relationship between quality and price you have to bear in mind that sometimes the price factor in these jobs is not so important.

Titles And Experience- To choose an electrician, you have to consider that not everyone has the same qualification or experience in the different areas of electrical work, including accreditations. To select a warranty electrician, you have to see if you have at least three years of experience, offering a minimum guarantee of labor. This approach you can be sure of quality in work and a minimum of security. The high price of light, energy efficiency is increasingly important. If you want to choose an electrician with energy efficiency certification, you will probably know how to save energy at home.

Recommendations- The opinions of other customers to choose an electrician are essential and valuable. If you have had a positive experience with an electrician and have been satisfied with the level of service and artistry are fantastic references to choose an electrician, and this will cause the electrician to increase their reputation and their customers. You will also have clear who to hire, and if it is possible to contact him to ensure the service.

Communication and attitude- Who likes to contact a professional, who does not show a good position?. To anyone, for that reason to choose an electrician, you have to take into account besides the quality and references of workforce, your opinion and your interest in doing the work. Are you interested in communicating with you? If so, show your interest in working, so you can be an excellent candidate to hire. Avoid communication problems and show a right attitude towards the professional, most of the time a good position implies good service!…